If you’re dating in 2023, chances are you are leveraging the internet or some manner of technology to date people outside of your “safety bubble.” Meaning, you are dating people that neither you nor anyone you know can vouch for or verify the background, history or character of your potential dates.

Technology can be a very effective tool in finding love, but love is not the only thing that daters are finding online. Online daters, especially young women, are also finding frustration and in some cases harassment, assault or death with a reported 16,000 abductions, 100 murders and thousands of rapes being committed annually by online predators.

So, how do we protect ourselves while dating outside of our safety bubbles? BY DOING OUR RESEARCH!!! Join Syd for Season 4 Episode 7 as she sits down with private investigator, Connie B. Ernest, for an informative discussion on how to leverage the internet to properly vet potential love interests. 

Connie B. Ernest is a Private Investigator in Atlanta, GA. Connie owns and operates CBE Investigations Inc, where they offer services to those who are in need of clarity, peace of mind and closure.


  • Information you should gather about potential love interests
  • How to ask questions of potential love interests to learn more about them
  • Internet sites you can use to research a person’s background
  • How to conduct an image search using Google
  • The type of searches a private investigator can conduct

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