Welcome to Season 3 of The Sugar Free Podcast! In this premiere episode of the show, host Syd Mack, sits down with two fellow Millennial women (Carla Gibson and Jess Moore Matthews) for the FIRST State of the Millennial Woman where the ladies discuss the current state of affairs facing Millennial women from careers to finances, to relationships to mental health and family.

The Sugar Free Podcast is THE premiere life-advice podcast for Millennial women. It’s a place where real women come together to discuss real issues affecting Millennial women and to provide practical, actionable advice for resolving those issues. The show is hosted by attorney, law professor, author and entrepreneur, Syd Mack.

Meet Our Guests

The amazingly talented, Carla Gibson, is many things but her main focuses include being a vocalist and event MC that can command any room she enters. She has held residencies throughout Manhattan showcasing her one woman show – The Carla Gibson Show.  You can now catch her monthly at Manhattan’s  renowned Off-Broadway clubhouse – Broadway Comedy Club.

Jess is the founder and Chief Good Troublemaker at Backbone Digital Leaders, a digital marketing agency of Black women and nonbinary activists spearheading a revolution at the ballot box and beyond by training the next generation in digital activism through work with progressive candidates, correspondents and organizations across the country. With more than a decade in digital  communications, Jess Moore Matthews has a proven record in both digital marketing and digital organizing, specializing in owned and paid content development and distribution.


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Hosts & Guests

Sydnee Mack (Host)

Jess Moore Matthews  (Guest)

Carla Gibson (Guest)



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