Maintaining friendships as an adult is HARD WORK. After going to work, working out, drinking 64oz of water (most days), caring for the dog, building a side business and checking in with your mama, who has time to hang out!? This is a question that Syd and special guest will try to answer in Season One Remix Episode 3, Maintaining Real Friendships.

Join host, Syd Mack, and special guest, Krystyna Braxton, as they sit down to discuss the challenges of maintaining your friendships as a working, BOSS adult. Krystyna Braxton is a 7-year veteran in the Sports Licensing Industry with degrees from both Howard and Georgetown University.

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Show Notes

What has been the most challenging aspect of maintaining your friendships as an adult?

• Physical Proximity—as friends begin to move to different states and cities and become increasingly more difficult to remain in contact

• Keeping up with Life’s Changes – As you move into your mid 20’s to early 30’s, you find that your friend’s lives begin to progress at different rates and it can be difficult to maintain your friendships with friends when you all are in different life stations.

• Managing Internal Insecurities When Comparing Yourself to Friends – When friends start to hit certain personal goals (i.e. obtaining that dream job, making that dream salary, having children, finding love, getting married…etc.) that you both aspire to attain before you, sometimes their achievement can expose insecurity and/or anxiety about your current position in life. This can cause you to question where you are and you may start finding yourself saying things like, “Why isn’t this happening for me,” or “When is it my turn?” This may be an opportunity for you to address your insecurities and also to find friends who can meet you where you are

• Financial Status – When you’re the “broke friend” it can be difficult to maintain relationships with friends when they want to indulge in activities (i.e. birthday dinners, brunch, travel…etc.) that you cannot afford)   How much time do you actually get to spend with your friends as an adult?

• Growing In Different Directions — As you get older you find that you naturally start to spend less time with friends as everyone is spending the majority of their time managing their own lives, families and careers.

• Priorities Change — You may also notice that your desire to hang out on weekends has declined as your priorities shift and change from being social to career growth, financial stability and recharging from long weeks at work. This is normal behavior and should not be a point of concern. You will also find that real friends will understand and the two of you won’t miss a beat.

Hosts & Guests

Sydnee Mack (Host)

Krystyna Braxton (Guest)


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