Season One Remix Episode 2, Setting Real Boundaries, is about setting  sustainable, clearly defined boundaries. According to this week’s special guest, boundary setting is critical for “protecting that which we are nurturing.” Without establishing clearly defined boundaries, it’s almost impossible for us to address what we critically need. 

Join host, Syd Mack, and special guest Anana Harris Parris, founder of the The Self Care Agency, LLC for a life-changing discussion on how to set and sustain boundaries 

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Anana Johari Harris Parris is the founder and CEO of the Self Care Agency, LLC, where she operates as the lead Strategic Business & Self Care Consultant. Anana is also founder of the SisterCARE Alliance, a socially responsible enterprise that focuses on social justice as a form of self-care. She is also author of the book Self Care Matters A Revolutionary’s Approach.

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Show Notes

What is a boundary?

A boundary is a very clear, proactive, communicated stance that is tied to what you critically need to fulfill your purpose and it can be a belief or an action.

The most basic function of a boundary is that it serves as protection.

Why are boundaries critical to self-care?

Boundaries are critical to self-care because there is no way to sustain addressing what you critically need if you don’t set a boundary that’s also sustainable.

Why is it so difficult to set boundaries?

Setting boundaries is difficult because doing so requires courage. Courage that sometimes cannot be established on your own. Often times, finding the courage you need to establish a clearly defined boundary requires you to ask for help. This can be especially difficult if you tend to be a perfectionist and place immense amounts of pressure on yourself to not make a mistake. This is because perfectionism requires that you not share your struggles with others. Others that you may need to establish sustainable boundaries and a strategy for self-care.

What does it say about you if you have difficulty setting boundaries?

It says that you’re normal.

How do we set a boundary?

Knowing how and when to set a boundary requires you to develop a strategy around your critical self-care needs. Anana recommends evaluating your self-care needs by assessing what you need based on the seven self-care categories. The  seven categories of self-care are: (1) Spiritual, (2) Emotional, (3) Artistic, (4) Economic, (5) Physical, (6) Educational, and  (7) Social. An assessment of your needs should be taken EVERY DAY and your boundaries should be placed around those needs.

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Hosts & Guests

Sydnee Mack (Host)

Anana Johari Harris Paris (Guest)


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