Have you ever experienced more than a friendly attraction to another woman? I mean you don’t just like her, you feel a little quiver run through your body every time you think about her? Well, you’re not alone!!

The average person is coming out in their teens and early 20’s which can make coming out or exploring your sexual identity as a woman in your 30’s intimidating. But, it is never too late to embrace your authentic self and research suggests that it is perfectly normal and healthy to question and explore your sexual orientation (i.e. your sexuality) well into your late 30’s and early 40’s.

Join Syd this week for Season 4 Episode 5 as she sits down with attorney and LGBTQIA+ advocate, Kim Daily, Esq. for an extraordinary conversation regarding Kim’s journey to come out and embrace her identity as a Lesbian woman in her 30’s. 

Kim Daily is an award-winning trial attorney, viral public-speaker  and founder of The Qulture, a nationwide community known as heaven on earth for queer Black women. Kim co-owns K&L Daily Law with her sister, who is also an attorney.


  • The value of honoring your desires to explore gay or Lesbian relationships
  • The difference between sexual identity and sexual orientation
  • Definitions for LGBTQIA+
  • How to figure out what your sexual preferences are
  • How to embrace your authentic self

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