Tired of your job? Want to quit? Good, you’re not alone! According to Business Insider, 38 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021 and the trend has continued through the first quarter of 2022. This trend has snowballed into a movement that has been dubbed the Great Resignation.

Join Syd S2 Ep6 Making Career Moves Part I: How to Quit Your Job Like a Boss, as she sits down with attorney, mom, wife, BOSS and GREAT RESIGNER, Liku Amadi (formerly Midoshi), as the two discuss how Liku quit her job and started a business during the height of a global pandemic. Syd will also throw in some special nuggets about her own quitting journey.

Liku Madoshi is a Bay Area native and CA licensed attorney. Liku helps coaches and consultants establish a solid legal foundation for their online businesses by helping them to create and implement custom contracts within their business plans. Liku prides herself on not just delivering legal services, but also educating her clients on the value and purpose behind the legal services she provides.

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In this episode, Liku offers some great tips on how to leave your job like a BOSS:

Step 1: Determine Your Next Move. Create a vision for what your next steps will look like whether that may be starting a business or starting a new job. Make sure you have a clear picture as to what your immediate future (1-6 months) will look like.

Step 2: Get Your finances in Order. Quitting your job without another job lined up only sounds good if you have enough money saved and/or financial support from friends, family, significant others…etc. to keep the lights on while you’re in between jobs. Make sure you know where your next mortgage/rent payment is coming from BEFORE you quit your job. You may also want to have a plan for how to continue certain benefits like health/medical/dental insurance without a job.

Step 3: Take Some Time to Reflect. Have a clear understanding of what you liked or didn’t like in your previous role. You want to make sure your new role or career move looks different than the one you just left. Otherwise, you may be leaving a bad situation for an even worse situation.

Step 4: Read the Company Rule Book. Generally, a company may have a right to claim ownership over any work that you create while you’re at work even if you’re creating it for yourself or your side hustle. Make sure you’re following the rules so that you don’t have any issues on your way out.

Step 5: Take Some Time Off. You may need to refer to Step 2 to determine just how much time you can take off in between gigs. However, take off as much time as your spirit and budget will allow. It’s important to take time to re-center and rejuvenate your mind and body before starting something new.

Step 6: Cultivate a Support System. Support of friends and family or even a therapist is super important to successfully navigating big life transitions. Make sure you choose your community wisely.


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