What do you do when you’ve saved all you can, you’ve side-hustled as hard as you can and you’re still coming up short on your financial goals? You negotiate for your life! According to the US Census Bureau, women of color earn as little as 53 cents on the dollar as compared to their white male counterparts. This episode is all about negotiating for your life to take control of your financial life and reclaim every coin you deserve.

Episode 6 of the Sugar Free Podcast, Getting Real Coin Pt. III: Negotiating for your Life is the final installment of our Money Series. Join Syd as she sits down with Senior Team Talent Acquisition Advisor of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Nicole Britenriker, for a conversation on how to use proven negotiation strategies to leave no coin, ducket, dollar or wig unturned.

A former professional volleyball player and student-athlete for the University of Kentucky, Nicole Britenriker has served in various roles across the professional and collegiate sports landscape including sponsorships, sales, corporate partnership development, ticketing and currently, talent acquisition and talent management with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion.

If you want to connect with Nicole, find her on LinkedIn at: www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-britenriker/.

Hosts & Guests

Sydnee Mack (Host)

Nicole Britenriker (Guest)


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