Is it just me or have you also noticed that the cost of literally everything has increased SIGNIFICANTLY in the last year? Oh good, you’ve noticed it, too? That’s because the consumer price index went up 7% in 2021 and it’s projected to go up another 5-6% in 2022. Couple that with wages that are either stagnant or rising at a much lower pace and the math just ain’t mathin. To help us close the gap between the cost of life and our bank accounts, Syd is exploring the fascinating world of couponing.

Couponing is the act of using coupons, combined with rebates, store sales and clearances to purchase consumer goods at rock-bottom prices. If you’re really good at couponing, you may even be able to score items for free or earn cash back on purchases. Yes, you heard that, right! If you do couponing the right way, someone might pay YOU  cash money to walk out of the store with items.

Join Syd as she sits down with influencer, couponer and YouTuber,  Linsey Martinez of ‘Coupon Wins with Lins’ for Season 2 Episode 3: Making a Dollar Out of 15 Cents Part I: How to Save Money /w Coupons. In this episode, Linsey will share all her secrets on how to score the BEST deals using coupons, rebates and store incentives.

Linsey Martinez is a middle school teacher by trade and a professional couponer, deal finder and YouTuber in her spare time. Her deal-finding philosophy is: ‘if it ain’t on sale, it ain’t for sale.’ She is dedicated to finding great deals and sharing those deals with her thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram.

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What is a coupon?

A coupon is a paper ticket or digital token that you can use to reduce the price of goods sold by a particular retailer.

What is the difference between a manufacturer’s coupon and store coupon?

A manufacturer’s coupon is a coupon issued by the manufacturer of a product to entice consumers to purchase the product. A store coupon is a coupon issued by the store as a reward for shopping in their stores.

How do you stack coupons?

You stack coupons by “stacking” manufacturer’s coupons on top of store coupons and then if the store is having a sale on a product, you get those additional savings as well. Once you have received all the in-store savings, you can use rebate apps like iBotta and Fetch to get a rebate on qualifying products.

Where do I go to find coupons?

  • Paper coupons in newspapers/circulars
  • Store apps that offer coupons (example: Kroger, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Dollar General, Publix…etc.)
  • Walgreens is known for offering the highest valued coupons

What is a rebate app?

A rebate is money offered to you by an app as reimbursement for your purchase.

What are your favorite rebate apps?

  • iBotta
  • Fetch

Should we focus our attention on one or two stores?

Yes, start with one store and one deal to keep things manageable for yourself as you get started.

What stores do you focus on?

  • CVS,
  • Walgreens,
  • Target,
  • Wal-Mart

What couponers should we follow on social media?

  • Savings with Sarah (Publix)
  • Coupons with Alicia



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