If you’re over 30 and your primary skincare routine consists of soap and water, then it’s time for an upgrade! Studies show that a woman’s face can begin showing signs of aging as early as 25, but most women start to see changes to the skin on their face in their 30’s. In conclusion, ladies it’s time to put down the soap and pick up some cleanser.

Join Syd as she sits down with award-winning Esthetician, Alicia Dion, for an informative conversation on how to establish or upgrade your skincare routine in your 30’s.

 Alicia Dion is owner and operator of 5-star rated AliciaDion Beauty Spa located in Marietta, Georgia. She specializes in hydrobrasion, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, waxing, chemical peels, high frequency, and  lashing and so much more! She was voted a “Best of Georgia Esthetician” in 2021.


  • The difference between lighter skin tones and darker skin tones
  • The essential components of a comprehensive skincare routine
  • How to properly pop a pimple
  • The value of regularly visiting a skincare professional
  • How to embrace your natural face and skin without makeup

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  • Visit her website:
  • Follow her on IG: @aliciadion_beauty

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