When is the last time you prayed? About 32% of U.S. adults said they seldom or never pray (up from 18% in 2007) with 29% of U.S. adults reporting they had no religious affiliation (an increase of 6 percentage points from 2016), with Millennials leading that shift. American adults are connecting less and less with religion and by extension the Church. For those interested in seeking both, how do you navigate that without compromising your contemporary beliefs on diversity, equity and inclusion?

This week, Syd sits down with Millennial church leaders, Joslyn Henderson and Demarius Newsome, for an uplifting conversation on the necessity (or lack thereof) of Church for younger generations in S4 Ep8 How to Navigate Modern Spirituality in the Church. 

Minister Joslyn Henderson is the Director of Worship Arts at a multicultural, multigenerational, inclusive church in Northeast Washington D.C. As a nationally celebrated gospel singer and worship leader, she infuses her performative ministry with her scholarship on Black sacred music.

Demarius Newsome in an Atlanta based attorney and worship leader who serves in multiple capacities of ministry and leadership at the Ray of Hope Christian Church, where he constantly seeks to understand “why” and “how” we do church.


  • Have we evolved past the necessity of church in a modern society?
  • How to ask for transparency from your Church leadership
  • How to find an inclusive Church home
  • How to define your relationship with the Church

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    Demarius Newsome

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