It is no secret that Millennial women are educated, accomplished and high earners; but, are we balanced? Is accomplishment enough? Forty five percent of Millennial women (ages 25-40) will be both single and childless by 2030. Is this statistic an indication that we are prioritizing work over family or cause for concern?

 Join Syd this week for Season 4 Episode 2 as she sits down with therapist and relationship coach, Vernique Esther, LMSW, for a healing conversation on how Millennial women can achieve success outside the workplace.

 Vernique Esther is an Atlanta-based therapist and coach who specializes in Relational Trauma and Healthy Relationships. She is also an Author, Speaker, Corporate Well-being Consultant, and founder of Authentically Wed, a faith-based community for those seeking healthy relationships.

 Vernique believes the quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life, and uses her expertise to help people become healed and whole individuals that can create healthy and fulfilling relationships. She especially enjoys partnering with High-achieving women who have trouble managing their various responsibilities, causing anxiety in their lives. 


  • Assessing the root cause of toxic achievement
  • Understanding the trauma associated with toxic over achievement
  • How to incorporate joy, pleasure and peace into your high-achieving life.
  • How to hear your heart’s desires
  • Understanding what “balance” looks like for you

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