We’re baaaccckkkk! Welcome to 2023, friends! What better way to start the year than together?

Join Syd this week for a solo episode where she shares some life updates, some show updates and of course plenty of tea that’s 100% sugar free. You won’t want to miss the first episode of the new year.

The Sugar Free Podcast is the premiere “life advice” podcast for Millennial Women. Join show host, Sydnee Mack, as she explores a variety of topics important to Millennial women from careers, to dating, starting families (or not), financial security and mental health.

Show host, Sydnee Mack, is an attorney, professor, best-selling author and ya homegirl in your head.


Tune in to the Sugar Free Podcast everywhere podcasts are available:

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Sydnee Mack (Host)





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