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Your Host

“Your best friend in your head”

Hey Friends!

How you doin? My name is Sydnee Mack (Syd for short) and I am an attorney by trade, but I am SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be the sixth member of Danity Kane, a chef, a lawyer, a talk show host and Beyonce. I am not quite sure how Imma make it to Beyonce status, but I’ve got at least another 50 years to figure it out. Otherwise, I guess you could say that I am currently en route to fulfilling my WILDEST dreams and I am so glad that you all are here to enjoy the journey with me.


In addition to practicing Sports & Entertainment law for the last six years or so, I am also a Law Professor specializing in Sports, Entertainment, Intellectual Property and Contract Drafting, I am author of the Best-Selling Book, “10 Steps to Startup,” founder of and of course, producer/editor/host of this awesome podcast. See, I told you. I’m making good headway on all my dreams except Beyonce and chef. If you got any connections to a good personal trainer and/or plastic surgeon, you let me know. I’m only about 10lbs and a new pair of knees away.

In all seriousness, thank you for visiting my page. Thank you for listening to my podcast. Thank you for indulging my foolishness. Producing, editing, hosting and singing for (yes that’s me singing the theme song…. we had a TIGHT budget) this podcast has brought me such an incredible amount of joy. I hope it brings you the same.

My Purpose

“My purpose in life is to motivate, uplift and serve others through effective, engaging and inspiring storytelling… dassit… that’s the whole story.”

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Want me to be a speaker at your event or a guest on your show? Here are some legal topics we can discuss.

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Want me to be a speaker at your event or a guest on your show? Here are some life topics we can discuss.