Welcome back to Part II of our “Getting Real Coin” series. Last week, we discussed how to save for the future. This week we will be discussing how to make more coin through side hustling. Let’s face it, the cost of life is way too daggone high, job security is a thing of the past and career satisfaction is a luxury reserved for the dreamers, schemers and believers of this world. For most of us our 9 to 5’s aren’t providing enough coin or satisfaction for us to live the lives we’ve always dreamed of. If that sounds familiar, friend… it’s time to hustle!

Side hustling, which is characterized by working a part time job or pursuing an entrepreneurial venture in addition to having a full time job, has become one of the most popular ways to not only earn some extra coin, but also to chase your dreams. Join Syd as she sits down with social media influencer, blogger and ULTIMATE side hustler, Ana Baugus Ochoa, for a conversation on how to leverage your 9 to 5 to chase your entrepreneurial dreams and earn some extra coin through side-hustling.

Ana Ochoa is currently disrupting the Blogging and Business Coaching Industries! Her mission is to help fellow creative entrepreneurs EMBODY the CEO role in their business with positioning, energetics, lead generation, and sales that feel GOOD!

She’s a successful blogger and creator at Fiddle Leaf Interiors and the CEO of Creators Coaching Co. Ana recently founded Creators Coaching Co. to share her passion for building a sustainable online business, while helping others do the same.

If you want to find out more about Ana, you can visit her at www.creatorscoachingco.com or www.fiddleleafblog.com

Hosts & Guests

Sydnee Mack (Host)

Ana Baugus Ochoa (Guest)


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