The only thing harder than getting a coin is keeping a coin, especially when the cost of education, affordable housing and good avocado toast just keep rising! Join Syd and Special Guest, Kevin L. Matthews II, for a Sugar Free discussion about finances, 401(k)’s, Investing and building generational wealth.

Kevin Matthews is a former Top 100 financial advisor (as named by Investopedia) and founder of BuildingBread, a financial education consultancy designed to educate and advise both organizations and Individuals on the basics of financial literacy, investing and retirement  planning. He has managed over $140mm during his financial advising career and is author of the best-selling book— Starting Point: How to Create Wealth that Lasts. For more information on Kevin, visit

You can also purchase Kevin’s book, Starting Point: How to Create Wealth that Lasts here:,in%20a%20simple%2C%20clear%20way.

Hosts & Guests

Sydnee Mack (Host)

Kevin Matthews (Guest)


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