Have you ever settled for less than what you deserve in dating and relationships just for the sake of “having a man?” Well, we have too, girl! But we aren’t doing it anymore and we hope this conversation on dating empowers you to do the same. Having ‘it all’ can seem like an elusive, unattainable dream, especially when you’re doing more settling than demanding. You can ABSOLUTELY have everything you want including an incredible love life, but you won’t have it if you don’t get real honest about what you want and real comfortable sharing that with every potential suitor you entertain.

Episode 10 of the Sugar Free Podcast, Dating Real Unapologetically provides insight, guidance and actionable tips on how to date in a way that empowers women to show up as their true authentic selves at every phase of dating by not compromising any of their wants needs or deepest desires. Join Syd and, Jephonne Roy, as they share stories about their dating lives and how the lessons they learned have helped them to be bold, fearless and downright unapologetic in their dating lives.  

Jephonne Roy is the “Roy” in Fairell Roy & Associates, a boutique Family and Personal Injury Law firm in Atlanta that is owned, lead and run by a team of black women. Jephonne leads the litigation division of the firm, helping the firm’s clients to navigate all of their divorce, child support, custody and personal injury needs.

If you want to connect with or learn more about Jephonne or Fairell Roy & Associates, you can find out more here: https://www.fairellfirm.com.

Hosts & Guests

Sydnee Mack (Host)

Jephonne Roy (Guest)


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